IBF Press Release
False Story By Economic Times On Indian Boxing

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you all that the story in Economic Times on 28 Nov 2011 on Indian Boxing Federation?s plans on the Boxing League is totally false and malicious. The reporter Ms Gowri Agtey Athale had contacted the undersigned two days ago and it was very clearly explained to her on the phone that IABF will not do the Indian Boxing League as it will affect other programmes of AIBA and IABF such as WSB etc. It was also clearly told to her that Percept or any other agency does not have the right to issue such statements which is the prerogative of IABF only. Despite that she has wrongly quoted the undersigned who is the Secretary General of Indian Amateur Boxing Federation on India?s plan for a Boxing League.

This mail is to set at rest once for all the confusion on the subject and it was also clearly told to the reporter that IABF has also informed the Annual General Meeting and the Executive Committee of IABF that we have totally shelved the plans for a domestic boxing league. The same assurance was also given by us to the AIBA President Dr CK Wu when he had come to India for the inaugural WSB Fight for the launch of Mumbai Fighters versus Milano Thunder at Pune.

This is also to inform the Press and Media that if any statements on this issue are given by any agency other than IABF, they are false and IABF will be forced to take suitable legal action against those who try and create this kind of mischief.

With warm regards

Brig PK Muralidharan Raja

Secretary General

Indian Amateur Boxing Federation

28 Nov 2011


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