28th Sub-Junior Men State Boxing Championships at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra at Haryana
from 06-09-2013 to 10-09-2013

Technical Official's

S.No Name Designation State / Board  
 1 Hardev Singh Supervisor Haryana  
 2 Capt. B.R. Sharma,Shorya Chakra Referee Evaluator Haryana  
 3 R K Bhardwaj Judge Evaluator Haryana  
 4 Dr. Vipin Madhogarhia Medical Jury Members Haryana  
 5 Gulshan Panchal IABF 3 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 6 Danveer Tewatia IABF 2 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 7 Sunil Kumar Dangi IABF 1 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 8 Vijender Singh IABF 1 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 9 Lakhwinder Singh IABF 1 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 10 Satyawan Singh IABF 1 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 11 Ajmer Singh IABF 1 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 12 Neeraj Yadav IABF 1 Star (R/J) Haryana  
 13 Rajinder Kaltagdia STATE R/J Haryana  
 14 Sandeep STATE R/J Haryana  
 15 Sanjay Nagar STATE R/J Haryana  
 16 Renu STATE R/J Haryana  
 17 Arun Malik STATE R/J Haryana  
 18 Shamsher STATE R/J Haryana  
 19 Ravi Sharma STATE R/J Haryana  
 20 Ashish Grover STATE R/J Haryana  
 21 Asha STATE R/J Haryana  
 22 Palvinder Singh STATE R/J Haryana  
 23 Prashant Yadav Registration Commission,IABF Delhi  
 24 Harish Sharma Registration Commission,IABF Delhi  
 25 Deepak Sharma Computer Scoring Operator Rajasthan  
 26 Gopesh Sharma Computer Scoring Operator Rajasthan  

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