IBF Registered Boxer's Details
Personal Details
Reg No 5357 
Boxer Name Pawan Deep  
Father's Name Bijender 
Mother's Name Nirmala 
Address VPO-Kaluwas, Bhiwani 
Reg Date 2008-11-27
Medical Age Range 12-14 As On 2010-10-30  
DOB 1993-11-05  
State / Unit Haryana  
Phone No Contact IBF  
Other Details
Height 167 
Greatest strength in the Boxing Ring Banned for One Year and under observation Because overage found in 26th Sub Junior Haryana Men State. 
Boxing Start Year November 29, 2008
District / State / Inter-Department / Zonel / InterZonel / Federation Cup/ All India / National & International Boxing Record
S.No. Championships Name Venue Date Bouts State Medal
1 25th Sub-Junior Haryana State Boxing Championship 2008-09 at Saraswati Modern Public School, Amarpur Road, VPO-Mohna Ballabgarh, Distt - Faridabad, Haryana Haryana 2010-10-28
 GBC Bronze
2 26th Sub-Junior Men Haryana State Boxing Championships at Pratap Singh Memorial Sr. Sec. School, Kharkhoda, Sonipat Haryana 2011-06-09
 GBC Silver
3 45th Senior Men Haryana State Boxing Championships Haryana 2012-10-04
4 1st R.S.Yadav Memorial Senior Men Boxing Tournament at Bhiwani Boxing Club, Bhiwani Haryana 2012-12-06
5 46th Senior Men Haryana State Boxing Championships at Palwal Haryana 2013-09-17

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