46th Senior Men Haryana State Boxing Championships at Palwal at Haryana from 2013-09-17 to 2013-09-22
Programme September 20, 2013(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
195 46-49 Kg Light Fly RED Naveen Kumar AKBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
196 46-49 Kg Light Fly RED Ajay Singh GBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Ankit Kumar Sharma CHSBA
197 46-49 Kg Light Fly RED Mandeep JND  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
198 46-49 Kg Light Fly RED Paramjeet Singh HBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep RTK
199 49-52 Kg Fly RED Deepak CBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Rahul Punia ABSC
200 49-52 Kg Fly RED Satish Kumar SRS  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Manjeet SNP
201 49-52 Kg Fly RED Kimat KNL  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Naveen Kumar AKBC
202 49-52 Kg Fly RED Sandeep BWN  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Manjeet JND
203 52-56 Kg Bantam RED Ajay Kumar UBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Vikash Parashar CBC
204 52-56 Kg Bantam RED Dinesh Saini BRBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Suresh Kumar ASWO
205 52-56 Kg Bantam RED Aman Indora BVNBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Naveen Lakara CRBA
206 52-56 Kg Bantam RED Sonu Kumar HSR  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
207 56-60 Kg Light RED Sunil Gautam PSBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Akshay Kumar CBC
208 56-60 Kg Light RED Harender Sorout BVNBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep Kumar UBA
209 56-60 Kg Light RED Manoj Kumar HFBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Surender GBC
210 56-60 Kg Light RED Kishore GGN  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Munish Sharma RSYBC
211 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Jaibir Singh HP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
212 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Manjeet Singh KTL  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Vikash Kumar ASWO
213 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Sumit KNL  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
214 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Hearwan Kirad SBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Devdarshan GBC
215 64-69 Kg Welter RED Ramesh RSYBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE PawanKumar SRS
216 64-69 Kg Welter RED sanjeet HP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
217 64-69 Kg Welter RED Manjeet Singh GBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Jasvinder Singh HFBA
218 64-69 Kg Welter RED Vikas Kumar UBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep Kumar KTL
219 69-75 Kg Middle RED Mahipal ASWO  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Shubham Sharma BVNBA
220 69-75 Kg Middle RED Rahul Vashisth BRBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Rakesh Kumar UBA
221 69-75 Kg Middle RED Satender Kumar CBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
222 69-75 Kg Middle RED Prasanjeet Panghal HFBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sumerjeet Singh JND
223 75-81 Kg Light Heavy RED Sonu UBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Anuj Kumar YNG
224 75-81 Kg Light Heavy RED Ajay Singh GBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE krishan kumar CBC
225 75-81 Kg Light Heavy RED Ravi Kant PNP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Balvinder Singh HP
226 75-81 Kg Light Heavy RED Kuldeep HFBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Naveen Kumar RSYBC
227 81-91 Kg Heavy RED Partik Chikkara AKBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Manender YNG
228 81-91 Kg Heavy RED Naveen Kumar BBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Nitin (Bane due to Dope) GBC
229 81-91 Kg Heavy RED Deepak RSYBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Krishan Thakran GGN
230 81-91 Kg Heavy RED Devender Kumar HP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Pardeep Kumar JJR
231 91+ Kg Super Heavy RED Paramjit Samota HP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Rahul Deshwal PWL
232 91+ Kg Super Heavy RED Rajat Kaliraman (Bane due to Dope) AKBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
233 91+ Kg Super Heavy RED Sanjeev Kadiyan CRBA  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Satwant Pawdia RTK
234 91+ Kg Super Heavy RED Narender Berwal GBC  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sumit Rangi CBC

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