28th Sub-Junior Men State Boxing Championships at Lohani, Bhiwani at Haryana from 2013-08-07 to 2013-08-11
Programme August 11, 2013(Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
320 A-9, 44-46 Kg RED Suraj CHSBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Virender Singh GBC
321 A-10, 46-48 Kg RED Mahesh Kumar SBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Vinod Tanwar GBC
322 A-11, 48-50 Kg RED Deepak UBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep Yadev GBC
323 A-12, 50-52 Kg RED Kulwant FTB  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Arjun Singh SAI-B
324 A-13, 52-54 Kg RED Dharambir HBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Jitender SBAL
325 A-14, 54-57 Kg RED Yashpal GBC  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Parveen SAI-H
326 A-15, 57-60 Kg RED Pawan Narwal LABA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Amit Kumar BBC
327 A-16, 60-63 Kg RED Bhavishya Sheoran DBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep BBC
328 A-17, 63-66 Kg RED Vishnu Kumar BWN  Finals Afternoon
329 A-18, 66-70 Kg RED Vikram Pratap BBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Mohit Panghal BBC
330 A-19, 70-75 Kg RED Ankit BBC  Finals Afternoon
331 A-20, 75-80 Kg RED Sumit BBC  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Abhijeet GBC
332 A-21, +80 Kg RED Parshant PSBA  Finals Afternoon

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