27th Junior Men National Boxing Championships at Chatrapati Shiva Ji Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune, Mah from 2011-08-23 to 2011-08-28
Programme August 24, 2011(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
37 Pin 46 Kg RED Inderjeet Singh PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Mohsin Kureshi MP
38 Pin 46 Kg RED Swapnil Bhimta HP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Jackson Albert KER
69 Feather 57 Kg RED M.Netajoy Singh NAG  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Deepak Pahal HAR
70 Feather 57 Kg RED Kali Charan Kharare MAH  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Gonti Hema Sekhar AP
71 Feather 57 Kg RED Sunil Kumar HP  Preliminary Morning
72 Feather 57 Kg RED Malcolm Lakra JHA  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Kuldeep Yadav ORI
73 Feather 57 Kg RED Navjot Singh PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE N Jagadesan KAR
74 Feather 57 Kg RED Vikash Adhikari GOA  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Vijendra Meena RAJ
75 Feather 57 Kg RED L.Amarjit Singh MAN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Vikrant GUJ
76 Feather 57 Kg RED Nitish Shukla UP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Praveen Gurung UTK
77 Feather 57 Kg RED Anand CHD  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Joel Lalmuanawma MIZ
78 Light 60 Kg RED Vanzairempuia MIZ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Prajwal Shetty GOA
79 Light 60 Kg RED Diwakar UP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE L.Dayanand NAG
80 Light 60 Kg RED Chetan PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE TH.Homen Singh MAN
81 Light 60 Kg RED S.Karthigarupaw POND  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Neeraj Parshar HAR
82 Light 60 Kg RED Sagar Jhanjotra CHD  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Amit Singh CHT
83 Light 60 Kg RED Sukhdev MP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Vinod Saka AP
84 Light 60 Kg RED Sunil Chobisa RAJ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Bheshraj Chetry ASM
85 Light 60 Kg RED Ajain Meitai SSCB  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Ananthu Manoj KER
86 Light 60 Kg RED Nagarjuna R KAR  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Ankit Sharma J&K
87 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Anuj Shukla UP  Preliminary Morning

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