42nd Junior Men U.P. State Boxing Championship 2011-12 at Meerut at Uttar Pradesh from 2011-08-04 to 2011-08-07
Programme August 5, 2011(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
14 Pin 46 Kg RED Vipin Yadav AGR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Shlok Shakya JNS
15 Pin 46 Kg RED Suraj Kumar Rawat LKO  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Gulam Nawi MRT
16 Pin 46 Kg RED Sandeep SHR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Abdul Kalim VNS
17 Pin 46 Kg RED Shadab Ali H MRT  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Rishabh Pandey MRD
18 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Anand Bahadur AGR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Abhimanyu Pradhan LKO
19 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Shahrukh Khan MRD  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vivek Kumar Dubey VNS
20 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Shirazi Siddiqui BRL  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ravi Gupta ALD
21 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Pankaj Kumar Yadav GKP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ankit Sonkar MRT
22 Fly 50 Kg RED Shishu Pal Chahar AGR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Rajnath Avinashi ALG
23 Fly 50 Kg RED Balwant Kumar Rao MRD  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sachin Pal ALD
24 Fly 50 Kg RED Akash Tomar MRT  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Gaurav Kumar Mishra VNS
25 Fly 50 Kg RED Pranjul KNP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Rishi Kumar Rawat LKO
26 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Mukesh Pal ALD  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Raghvendra Namdev H MRT
27 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Ravinder Kumar SHR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vinay Kumar Singh LKO
28 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Deepak Prajapati GKP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ajay Yadav AGR
29 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Jitendra Pratap Singh VNS  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sourabh Rawat MRT
30 Bantam 54 Kg RED Naman Gupta KNP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Deepak Sharma SHR
31 Bantam 54 Kg RED Brijmohan Yadav AGR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ravindra Kumar Yadav H MRT
32 Bantam 54 Kg RED Vishal Sonkar VNS  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Suraj Kumar Sahu ALD
33 Bantam 54 Kg RED Sanjay Kumar Pal H MRT  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Chandan Kumar Rajbhar LKO
34 Feather 57 Kg RED Sanjai Kanojia H MRT  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Prashant Kumar Rana KNP
35 Feather 57 Kg RED Vivek Kumar MRT  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Hargovind Gujjar MRD
36 Feather 57 Kg RED Arman Khan VNS  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Th. Robinson Singh LKO
37 Feather 57 Kg RED Akshay Singh LKO  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Nitish Shukla ALD
38 Light 60 Kg RED Gaurav Gupta ALG  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Deepak Kumar MRT
39 Light 60 Kg RED Vivek Mishra BRL  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Manish Pal VNS
40 Light 60 Kg RED Anurag Maurya ALD  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Manmohan Singh AGR
41 Light 60 Kg RED Vinay Chaudhary MRD  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Diwakar KNP
42 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Ankur Kumar SHR  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Ayush Vyas LKO
43 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Shravan Yadav KNP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Lalit Kumar BRL
44 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Vishal Singh BRL  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Rishabh Kamboj MRT
45 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Rahul Singh MRD  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Anuj Shukla ALD
46 Welter 66 Kg RED Sani Yadav AGR  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Mohit Nagar MRT
47 Welter 66 Kg RED Vishal Yadav BRL  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Rajat Kumar Singh GKP
48 Welter 66 Kg RED Ankur Kumar SHR  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
49 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Ajay Tomar MRT  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Pankaj Nagar SHR
50 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Md. Ali H MRT  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Subhash Chandra Upadhyay ALD
51 Middle 75 Kg RED Vishal Kumar Pandey ALD  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Prakhar Singh KNP

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