5th Super Cup Inter-Zonal Men National Boxing Championship at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai at Maharashtra from 2011-03-30 to 2011-04-03
Programme April 1, 2011(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
44 Fly 52 Kg RED SANDEEP OLLA North East Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin 9:15
BLUE Madan Lal IBF
45 Fly 52 Kg RED Vipin kumar Center Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin 9:32
BLUE Vijay Dobale Maharashtra
46 Fly 52 Kg RED Mahminathan SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vijay Yadav North Zone (Green)
47 Bantam 56 Kg RED Amit Haryana  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Devender North Zone (Yellow)
48 Light 60 Kg RED Kuldeep SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Nitish Yadav Center Zone (Green)
49 Light 60 Kg RED Ali Vasim Siddique Maharashtra  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Govind Thapa North East Zone (Green)
50 Light 60 Kg RED Rohit Tokas Center Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vijay Kumar Haryana
51 Light 60 Kg RED Amit Roy East Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vivek Shrivastav East Zone (Green)
52 Welter 69 Kg RED Yogesh Nishad Maharashtra  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sukhwinder Singh SSCB
53 Welter 69 Kg RED Vinit S. Kotian West Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Mahesh Singh Center Zone (Green)
54 Welter 69 Kg RED Raju Kodiyatar West Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Subesh Haryana
55 Welter 69 Kg RED Somvir North Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Hari Krishan Nayal North East Zone (Yellow)
56 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Ajay Singh North Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Dheeraj Thakran East Zone (Yellow)
57 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Amit Kumar Haryana  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Berinder Singh North Zone (Yellow)
58 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Vikas Singh IBF  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vinod Kumar East Zone (Green)
59 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED G. Satya Raju SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Brijesh Meena Center Zone (Green)
60 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Vijendra Ranga West Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Fateh Singh East Zone (Green)
61 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Surjit Singh North East Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Amandeep Singh East Zone (Yellow)
62 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED G. Shanmugha Prabhu SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Manoj Kumar IBF
63 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Sumit Rangi North Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Gurpreet Singh Center Zone (Yellow)
64 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Pushkar P Bhonsle West Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Srikant Routh East Zone (Yellow)
65 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Tara Chand Center Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Sandeep Kumar East Zone (Green)
66 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Bahadur Singh Rana Center Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Sanjay Kolte IBF
67 Light Fly 49 Kg RED L Devendro Singh SSCB  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Anil Singh Kushwaha Maharashtra
68 Bantam 56 Kg RED Pranit Kumbhar West Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Gopal Soma Rathod Maharashtra
69 Bantam 56 Kg RED Vikash Parashar North Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Anil Kumar East Zone (Green)
70 Bantam 56 Kg RED Deva Naik West Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Ajay Kumar Haryana
71 Bantam 56 Kg RED Dheerendra Kumar Yadav Center Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Shiva Thapa IBF
72 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Chhinnu Kumar East Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Navin Chhantyal North East Zone (Green)
73 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Haryana  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Siddharth Verma Maharashtra
74 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Vikram Singh West Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Amit Kumar Center Zone (Green)
75 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Jitender Mann Center Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Deepak Tanwar North Zone (Yellow)
76 Middle 75 Kg RED Devanshu Jaiswal Center Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Manjeet Singh Rathor West Zone (Green)
77 Middle 75 Kg RED Sukhdeep Singh North Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Madhu Kumar GK North East Zone (Green)
78 Middle 75 Kg RED Surender Kumar Haryana  Quarter-Fin Evening
79 Middle 75 Kg RED Manjeet East Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Harpal Singh SSCB
80 Heavy 91 Kg RED Gurjaswinder Singh North Zone (Green)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Suman Sorav Nodhiyal Center Zone (Green)
81 Heavy 91 Kg RED Samrat Sudhakar Ingle West Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Narender East Zone (Green)
82 Heavy 91 Kg RED Hari Singh Yadav IBF  Quarter-Fin Evening
83 Heavy 91 Kg RED Parvinder Singh North Zone (Yellow)  Quarter-Fin Evening
BLUE Javed Mulla Maharashtra

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