29th Youth Men State Boxing Championship at Jabalpur at Madhya Pradesh from 2011-01-28 to 2011-01-31
Programme January 30, 2011(Semi-Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
13 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Ravish Kori AIP  Semi-Finals
BLUE Gokul Singh Korku GEL
14 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Tara Chand TTNS  Semi-Finals
BLUE Sharad Chandra IND
15 Fly 52 Kg RED Jitendra Dhakariya TTNS  Semi-Finals
BLUE Harshit Bhadoriya IND
16 Fly 52 Kg RED Ishu Kaithal STCB  Semi-Finals
BLUE Sandeep Olla STCJ
17 Bantam 56 Kg RED Dinesh Pal IND  Semi-Finals
BLUE Md. Israr Khan JDBA
18 Bantam 56 Kg RED Saurabh Pathak STCJ  Semi-Finals
BLUE Abhishek Bhatt BSC
19 Light 60 Kg RED Narinder Singh JDBA  Semi-Finals
BLUE Shusheel Singh Sisodiya GEL
20 Light 60 Kg RED Basant Thapa BSC  Semi-Finals
BLUE Kamlesh Rajaput TTNS
21 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Deepak Sangwan GEL  Semi-Finals
BLUE Sudhir Soni STCJ
22 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Amit Kumar Gupta JDBA  Semi-Finals
BLUE Shankar Thapa TTNS
23 Welter 69 Kg RED STCB  Semi-Finals
BLUE Dushyant Srivastava TTNS
24 Welter 69 Kg RED Vinod Kumar GEL  Semi-Finals
BLUE Gaurav Pant BSC

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