1st A. K. Misra International Boxing Tournament, at Chandigarh from 2009-03-11 to 2009-03-15
Programme 13th Mar,2009(Pre-1)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
28 48 RED Fuad Md Redzuan Malaysia  Pre-1
BLUE Salman Anwar Shaikh YCI (India)
30 48 RED Amandeep Singh PUN (Ind)  Pre-1
BLUE Vikrant Kalosia RSPB (Ind)
33 51 RED Amadov TURKMENISTAN  Pre-1
BLUE D.R. Wijerathna SRI LANKA
36 54 RED Devendra R. S. Thakuri NEPAL  Pre-1
BLUE Kulwinder Singh PUN (India)
40 57 RED Colin Jean John Mauritius  Pre-1
BLUE Dinesh Shrestha NEPAL
42 57 RED Manoj Bapu Pagare JHA (Ind)  Pre-1
BLUE Amandeep Singh Bhatti PUN (Ind)
45 60 RED Man Bahadur Komal Meghalaya (India)  Pre-1
BLUE Mustafin Nursultan KAZAKHSTAN
49 64 RED Colin Louis Richarno Mauritius  Pre-1
BLUE Khir Akyazlan Malaysia
52 69 RED Tekayev TURKMENISTAN  Pre-1
BLUE Kishan Thapa Meghalaya (India)
56 75 RED Satender YCI (India)  Pre-1
BLUE Ujjar S Thapa NEPAL
58 75 RED Sanjay Kumar CHD (India)  Pre-1
BLUE Sham Yadav JHA (Ind)
61 81 RED Prosper Rodney Mauritius  Pre-1
BLUE Parminder Singh PUN (Ind)
63 81 RED Sarbjit Singh CHD (India)  Pre-1
BLUE Vikas Singh CHD (India)
65 91 RED Pankaj HAR (Ind)  Pre-1
BLUE Narender Kumar JHA (Ind)
67 +91 RED Parveen Kumar JHA (India)  Pre-1
BLUE Akshabay Bauyrzhan KAZAKHSTAN

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