1st A. K. Misra International Boxing Tournament,
Result for 11th Mar,2009(Gold).

48  Red Th. Nanao Singh  S.S.C.B (india)  10  Red  W.P 
    Blue Sanjay Singh  S.S.C.B (india)     

Reg No 4224 
Boxer Name Th. Nanao Singh
Father Name Th Totobi Singh 
Date of Birth 1991-01-08 
Unit S.S.C.B (india) 
Reg No 4445   
Boxer Name Sanjay Singh
Father Name Om Prakash 
Date of Birth 1/5/1990 
Unit S.S.C.B (india) 
Boxer Name First Round Second Round Third Round Fouth Round Result Winner Decision Round Indivisual Scoring
Th. Nanao Singh (Red Corner) 5 3 2 10 Red W.P
Sanjay Singh(Blue Corner) 0 5 3 8
   Referee:       Judge1:       Judge2:   
   Judge3:       Judge4:       Judge5:   

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