4th Youth Women National Boxing Championship at Calangute, at Goa from 2009-03-25 to 2009-03-30
Programme 30th Mar,2009(Silver)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
88 46 RED Mamta Haryana  Silver
BLUE Sharda Chattishgarh
90 51 RED Hema Yogesh Kerala  Silver
BLUE Ph. Sony Chanu Manipur
92 57 RED Vinita Mahar Uttarakhand  Silver
BLUE Pooja Haryana
94 64 RED E. Memthoi Devi Manipur  Silver
96 75 RED D. Narmadha Tamilnadu  Silver
BLUE Jagmeet Kaur Uttarakhand
98 81+ RED Maya Poudel Madhya Pradesh  Silver

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