1st Nalanda Cup All India Sub-Junior (Cadet) Men Boxing Tournament at Sonepat at Haryana from 2013-01-09 to 2013-01-13
Programme January 12, 2013(Semi-Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
133 A-9, 44-46 Kg RED Arvind Kumar UTK  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Virender Singh HAR-H
134 A-9, 44-46 Kg RED Wasique SSCB  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE E Sangmuga Priyan KAR
135 A-10, 46-48 Kg RED Shashikant Yadav MAH  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sehran Sandhu UTK
136 A-10, 46-48 Kg RED Sandeep Yadev HAR  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Gaurav Solanki SSCB
137 A-11, 48-50 Kg RED Neeraj HAR  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Deepak Kumar KAR
138 A-11, 48-50 Kg RED Anwar HAR-I  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE L. Bhimchand Singh SSCB
139 A-12, 50-52 Kg RED Arjun Singh HAR-B  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Prince Kumar HAR-F
140 A-12, 50-52 Kg RED DEEP CHAND HAR  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Kulwant HAR-I
141 A-13, 52-54 Kg RED N Pushkar Singh SSCB  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Rahul Rathi DEL
142 A-13, 52-54 Kg RED Sachin HAR-A  Semi-Finals Afternoon
143 A-14, 54-57 Kg RED Vishnu SSCB  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Pawan Narwal HAR
144 A-14, 54-57 Kg RED AMIT HAR-A  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Bhavishya Sheoran HAR-F
145 A-15, 57-60 Kg RED Prayag Chauhan DEL  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Mohit Panghal HAR
146 A-15, 57-60 Kg RED Amit Kumar ORI  Semi-Finals Afternoon
147 A-16, 60-63 Kg RED Sandeep HAR-C  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Himanshu HAR
148 A-16, 60-63 Kg RED Ashish HAR-J  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Mankit Chahal HAR-A
149 A-17, 63-66 Kg RED Mohit MP  Semi-Finals Afternoon
150 A-17, 63-66 Kg RED Aditya Maan J&K  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sunil Kumar HAR-D
151 A-18, 66-70 Kg RED Yogesh Lathar HAR-A  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Vikram Pratap HAR-B
152 A-18, 66-70 Kg RED Kishan Bahadur UTK  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sanjeet HAR-C
153 A-19, 70-75 Kg RED Sahil HAR-H  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Bhanu Pratap HAR
154 A-19, 70-75 Kg RED Bintu Kumar PUN  Semi-Finals Afternoon
155 A-20, 75-80 Kg RED Kamal Tushir HAR-C  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Jaspal Singh PUN
156 A-20, 75-80 Kg RED Abhijeet HAR-A  Semi-Finals Afternoon
157 A-21, +80 Kg RED Rajat HAR-A  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Parshant HAR
158 A-21, +80 Kg RED Sayyed Saif Arif HAR-D  Semi-Finals Afternoon
BLUE Ravi Kumar HAR-B

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