60th All India Police Men Boxing Championship at Delhi from 2012-03-26 to 2012-03-30
Programme March 28, 2012(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
114 Light Fly 46-49 Kg RED bijoy nath gogoi Assam  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Md.Nasir Qureshi Uttar Pradesh
115 Light Fly 46-49 Kg RED bijaykumar singh CISF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE satender kumar RPF
116 Light Fly 46-49 Kg RED govind lal Arya Uttarakhand  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Biswajit Mandal Assam Rifles
117 Light Fly 46-49 Kg RED Naik Daniel Nagaland  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE L James Bond Singh BSF
118 Fly 49-52 Kg RED Naik Chubu Nagaland  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Jal Veer Singh CRPF
119 Fly 49-52 Kg RED Sandeep Kumar Haryana  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Elangbam Peris Singh BSF
120 Fly 49-52 Kg RED Ibomcha Singh Assam Rifles  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep Singh SSB
121 Fly 49-52 Kg RED Iqbir Singh Punjab  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Suraj Singh Uttarakhand
122 Bantam 52- 56 Kg RED pankaj kumar swain Chattishgarh  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE naik nokyu konyak Nagaland
123 Bantam 52- 56 Kg RED Dinesh Bisht Uttarakhand  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Subhash Debnath West Bengal
124 Bantam 52- 56 Kg RED Ashok Sura SSB  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
125 Bantam 52- 56 Kg RED S Suresh Singh CISF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Narender Haryana
126 Light 56-60 Kg RED Lal Chand CRPF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE manoj kumar Himachal
127 Light 56-60 Kg RED Jawwadur Rhaman T.Khan Maharastra  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep Haryana
128 Light 56-60 Kg RED Pardeep Kumar BSF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Zothanmawia CISF
129 Light 56-60 Kg RED Amarjeet SSB  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Manoj Singh Uttarakhand
130 Light Welter 60- 64 Kg RED Somvir Haryana  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE thounaojam Zewel singh Manipur
131 Light Welter 60- 64 Kg RED Sahil Jaiswal SSB  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Rakesh Kumar Punjab
132 Light Welter 60- 64 Kg RED Dalbir Singh BSF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Mahmood Khan ITBP
133 Light Welter 60- 64 Kg RED Rakesh Kumar Himachal  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Jagatta Singh Assam Rifles
134 Welter 64 - 69 Kg RED M. Ashini Kumar Meitei BSF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Vicky Tokas CRPF
135 Welter 64 - 69 Kg RED Vishal Singh Uttarakhand  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Surender Haryana
136 Welter 64 - 69 Kg RED manish chaudhary Himachal  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE johnson dcruz Jharkhand
137 Welter 64 - 69 Kg RED Baghel Singh Punjab  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Ajeet Kumar Yadav Uttar Pradesh
138 Middle 69 - 75 Kg RED jaspreet singh Chandigarh  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Mohammad Azad CISF
139 Middle 69 - 75 Kg RED Ram Kumar Gutam Uttar Pradesh  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE bijaykumar singh RPF
140 Middle 69 - 75 Kg RED Amit Kumar Sehrawat BSF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Jagat Singh Belal Uttarakhand
141 Middle 69 - 75 Kg RED Praveen Kumar SSB  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Jasbir Singh Assam Rifles
142 Light Heavy 75 - 81 Kg RED Sanjeev Kumar Himachal  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Virendra Chand Uttarakhand
143 Light Heavy 75 - 81 Kg RED Parminder Singh Punjab  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Ajay Singh CRPF
144 Light Heavy 75 - 81 Kg RED Raman Jammu & Kashmir  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Vishnu Narayan Sharma BSF
145 Light Heavy 75 - 81 Kg RED Sandeep Kumar ITBP  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE sanjeet Haryana
146 Heavy 81 - 91 Kg RED Amit Kumar Haryana  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Lokesh Kumar CRPF
147 Heavy 81 - 91 Kg RED Ram Singh Punjab  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE birjesh kumar Uttar Pradesh
148 Heavy 81 - 91 Kg RED Anand Singh CISF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE R Raju Chattishgarh
149 Heavy 81 - 91 Kg RED Shiv Shankarappa BSF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Yogesh Gaikwad Maharastra
150 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Sunny Himachal  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Gurlal Singh Punjab
151 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Krishan Kumar Haryana  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE hans raj sagwan Assam Rifles
152 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Sunil SSB  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Sarfaraz Chowdhary Jammu & Kashmir
153 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Ajay Pal CISF  Quarter-Fin Afternoon
BLUE Raj Kumar BSF

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