24th Junior (Sub-Junior) National Boxing Championship 2008-09 at Paljor Stadium, at Gangtok, Sikkim from 2008-12-05 to 2008-12-11
Programme 08th Dec,2008(Bronze)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
147 50 B11 RED Sumit Chaudhary Uttar Pradesh  Bronze
BLUE Mithun Kumar Shaw Bengal
154 52 A12 RED Nabajyoti Saikia Assam  Bronze
BLUE Akash Kumar Uttar Pradesh
158 54 B13 RED Rajiv Thapa S.S.C.B  Bronze
BLUE Nandan Saha Meghalaya
163 46 A9 RED Karan Singh Punjab  Bronze
BLUE Manish Panwar Delhi
167 48 A10 RED Jatinder Singh (Only For Senior) Punjab  Bronze
BLUE Rohan Shah Maharashtra
170 50 A11 RED Ch. Shusil Singh Manipur  Bronze
BLUE S. Manikandan Tamil Nadu
174 52 A12 RED Vijay Yadav Haryana  Bronze
BLUE Anil Behara Chattishgarh
178 54 A13 RED Abdul Imran Uttar Pradesh  Bronze
BLUE R. Rohit Shreshtha Karnataka
182 57 A14 RED Bhusan Rao Madhya Pradesh  Bronze
BLUE Vikram Singh Haryana
187 60 A15 RED Diwan Singh Mahar Uttranchal  Bronze
BLUE Mohan Phogat Delhi
191 66 A17 RED Paras Bishlt Chandigarah  Bronze

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