25th Junior (Sub-Junior) National Boxing Championship 2009 at Sports Complex, Aurangabad, at Maharashtra from 2009-12-25 to 2009-12-30
Programme 29th Dec,2009(Bronze)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
247 D-4 RED Gaurav Kumar Sahani Bihar  Bronze
BLUE Parbind Rajbhar (Overage 18-20 Year) West Bengal
249 D-9 RED Arpit Joshi Rajasthan  Bronze
BLUE Kali Charan Kharare Maharashtra
251 D-11 RED Lal Dinmawia Mizoram  Bronze
BLUE Neelkamal Manipur
252 B-8 RED Shoyeb Khan Maharashtra  Bronze
BLUE K. Manikandan Tamilnadu
254 B-11 RED Sunil Kumar Sharma (Only Senior) Chattishgarh  Bronze
BLUE Rahul Punia Haryana
256 B-12 RED Bikash Chetry Assam  Bronze
BLUE Md. Hussain Uddin Andhra Pradesh
258 A-10 RED Jatinder Singh (Only For Senior) Punjab  Bronze
BLUE T. Prem Kumar Andhra Pradesh
260 A-11 RED P Manikanandan Tamilnadu  Bronze
BLUE Dheerendra Kumar Yadav Uttar Pradesh
262 A-12 RED Jitesh Kumar Mahankuda Orissa  Bronze
BLUE Asad Asif Khan West Bengal
264 A-13 RED Velmurugan V Tamilnadu  Bronze
BLUE Basant Thapa Madhya Pradesh
266 A-15 RED Abdul Rahman Orissa  Bronze
BLUE Vikram Singh Haryana

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