Federation Cup Boxing Championships 2008-09 at Rajeev Gandhi Stadium,Vizianagaram, at Andhra Pradesh from 2009-02-25 to 2009-02-28
Programme 26th Feb,2009(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
19 Light Fly 48 RED Jitendra Kumar Verma Jharkhand  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Salman Anwar Shaikh Punjab
20 Light Fly 48 RED K Chiranjeevi RSPB  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Krishna Barua Meghalaya
21 Light Fly 48 RED Ranjeet Kumar Delhi  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Ravinder Haryana
22 Light Fly 48 RED L Devendro Singh S.S.C.B  Quarter-Fin
BLUE S Ramu Andhra Pradesh
23 Bantam 54 RED N. Santosh Kumar Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin
BLUE M Venkatesh RSPB
24 Bantam 54 RED Manik Sharma Punjab  Quarter-Fin
BLUE S.Ratan Sharma Meghalaya
25 Bantam 54 RED Dinesh Haryana  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Sandeep Singh All India Police
26 Bantam 54 RED Amit Yadav Delhi  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Sunil Sharma S.S.C.B
27 Feather 57 RED Saikh Alil Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Prakash Gurung Meghalaya
28 Feather 57 RED Surender Singh Punjab  Quarter-Fin
BLUE K Roshan Singh S.S.C.B
29 Feather 57 RED Sunil Kumar All India Police  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Mishal Banjamin Lakra Jharkhand
30 Feather 57 RED Mahesh Kumar RSPB  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Manjeet Singh Haryana
31 Light 60 RED Narinder Singh Punjab  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Ghanshyam Kumar Jharkhand
32 Light 60 RED Man Bahadur Komal Meghalaya  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Harish Singh Meghalaya
33 Light 60 RED G Satish Kumar Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin
BLUE M. Karthik S.S.C.B
34 Light 60 RED Vivek Kalosia Delhi  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Satpal Singh RSPB
35 Light Welter 64 RED Devdarshan Haryana  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Vijay Thapa Meghalaya
36 Light Welter 64 RED Praveen Singh Delhi  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Th Kapil Singh S.S.C.B
37 Light Welter 64 RED B.Sai Kiran Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin
38 Light Welter 64 RED Ajay Kumar All India Police  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Rakesh Kumar Punjab
39 Middle 75 RED Jagmeet Singh S.S.C.B  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Harpal Singh Haryana
40 Middle 75 RED Ran Bahadur Thapa Meghalaya  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Lal Deep Jharkhand
41 Middle 75 RED K Niranjan Andhra Pradesh  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Ashok Kumar RSPB
42 Middle 75 RED Surender Kumar All India Police  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Rahul Kumar Delhi
43 Light Heavy 81 RED Vijay Hooda RSPB  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Shakti Singh Haryana
44 Light Heavy 81 RED Ankur Delhi  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Amrit Shreshtha Meghalaya
45 Light Heavy 81 RED Charanjeet Singh Jharkhand  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Gurjaswinder Singh Punjab
46 Light Heavy 81 RED Ravinder Kumar All India Police  Quarter-Fin
BLUE Dharmender S.S.C.B

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