1st R.S.Yadav Memorial Senior Men Boxing Tournament at Bhiwani Boxing Club, Bhiwani at Haryana from 2012-12-06 to 2012-12-09
Programme December 9, 2012(Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
65 Light Fly 46-49 Kg RED Mandeep JIND  Finals Afternoon
66 Fly 49-52 Kg RED Sandeep JIND  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Arun Kumar RTK
67 Bantam 52- 56 Kg RED Manjeet JIND  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sandeep BBA
68 Light 56-60 Kg RED Manoj Kumar BBA  Finals Afternoon
69 Light Welter 60- 64 Kg RED Deepak CHSBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Chhinnu Kumar CRBA
70 Welter 64 - 69 Kg RED Vijay BBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Naveen Kumar LABA
71 Middle 69 - 75 Kg RED Satender Kumar CHSBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Sunil Khokhar DEL
72 Light Heavy 75 - 81 Kg RED Rohit Redhu JIND  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Kuldeep BBA
73 Heavy 81 - 91 Kg RED Naveen Kumar BBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Ravi Lather KNL
74 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Satwant Pawdia CRBA  Finals Afternoon
BLUE Rajat Kaliraman (Bane due to Dope) AKBC

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