27th Junior Men National Boxing Championships at Chatrapati Shiva Ji Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune, Mah from 2011-08-23 to 2011-08-28
Programme August 26, 2011(Quarter-Fin)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
142 Pin 46 Kg RED Mohsin Kureshi MP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Swapnil Bhimta HP
143 Pin 46 Kg RED Ankur Bansiwal SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Gulam Nawi UP
144 Pin 46 Kg RED Amit Panghal HAR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Manish Sahu CHT
145 Pin 46 Kg RED NT Lalbiakkima MIZ  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Kamaljeet Sharma JHA
146 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Shanawaz Timapur GOA  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE S Kartick KAR
147 Light Fly 48 Kg RED K. Shyam Kumar AP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Shivaji Sukaya More MAH
148 Light Fly 48 Kg RED Vivek Kumar WB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ronunsanga MIZ
149 Light Fly 48 Kg RED D. Ajay CHT  Quarter-Fin Morning
150 Fly 50 Kg RED R. Parmod CHT  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Narendra Gite MAH
151 Fly 50 Kg RED Rakesh HAR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Manish Sharma PUN
152 Fly 50 Kg RED Naveen Kumar SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ashish Insha DEL
153 Fly 50 Kg RED Chhanrin Piangia MIZ  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Lakhminandan Chutia ASM
154 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Ponnada Pruthvi AP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Munish Kaushik HAR
155 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Sandeep Bagri SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Samla Pusing NAG
156 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Dhore Rohan MAH  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE C. Lalchhantluanga MIZ
157 Light Bantam 52 Kg RED Chain Singh RAJ  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE A. Silambarasan TN
158 Bantam 54 Kg RED Swadesh Ranjan Buragohain ASM  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Mahesh Kumar Yadav ORI
159 Bantam 54 Kg RED Ravindra Kumar Yadav UP  Quarter-Fin Morning
160 Bantam 54 Kg RED Abhay Singh Maan SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Lal Dinmawia MIZ
161 Bantam 54 Kg RED Y.Venkataramana KAR  Quarter-Fin Morning
162 Feather 57 Kg RED A. Sunil SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sanjib Das ASM
163 Feather 57 Kg RED Md. Suhaib A.P KER  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Deepak Pahal HAR
164 Feather 57 Kg RED Kali Charan Kharare MAH  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Navjot Singh PUN
165 Feather 57 Kg RED L.Amarjit Singh MAN  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Praveen Gurung UTK
166 Light 60 Kg RED Inamdar Shabbir MAH  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Rakesh Sharma ORI
167 Light 60 Kg RED Abhimanyu Kr. Singh BIH  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sanjay Thapa UTK
168 Light 60 Kg RED L.Dayanand NAG  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Neeraj Parshar HAR
169 Light 60 Kg RED Sukhdev MP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Ajain Meitai SSCB
170 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Maniknandan M POND  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sonu Kumar NAG
171 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Neelkamal DEL  Quarter-Fin Morning
172 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Jitender Singh Jora UTK  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Imran Ali J&K
173 Light Welter 63 Kg RED Shiv Kumar Lehari MP  Quarter-Fin Morning
174 Welter 66 Kg RED L. Rakesh Singh MAN  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vadisela AP
175 Welter 66 Kg RED Chiningang bam Dadu Singh SSCB  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Md. Asif UP
176 Welter 66 Kg RED Akshay Rawal UTK  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sanjeev Tokas DEL
177 Welter 66 Kg RED Nikil Anil Bongali GOA  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Lakhbir Singh PUN
178 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Sangram Mane MAH  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Nishan Singh Gill WB
179 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Manish Solanki DEL  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Deepak Kadian SSCB
180 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Deepak Sura HAR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Gautami Karan GUJ
181 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Md. Ali UP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Anand Sapam MAN
182 Middle 75 Kg RED Anuj Kukreti MAH  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Deepak Sheron HAR
183 Middle 75 Kg RED P.S.Ranjithkanishka TN  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Winner of Bout No 133 -
184 Middle 75 Kg RED Gaurav Chauhan MP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Sandeep Sharma SSCB
185 Middle 75 Kg RED Lalramtana MIZ  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Yashveer Tokas DEL
186 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Sathyanarayanan TN  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Gurwinder Singh PUN
187 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Nagi Reddy Anirudh AP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Mandeep Kumar HAR
188 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Modak Samid MAH  Quarter-Fin Morning
189 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Jay Sayena UTK  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vivas Gurjar MP
190 Heavy 81+ Kg RED Himanshu Dabas DEL  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Kishant Garg PUN
191 Heavy 81+ Kg RED Vishal Chouhan UP  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Rishabh Purohit MP
192 Heavy 81+ Kg RED D Bharath TN  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Kunwar Navneet Singh Rathore SSCB
193 Heavy 81+ Kg RED Manuj Singh HAR  Quarter-Fin Morning
BLUE Vishal Sawant MAH

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