27th Junior Men National Boxing Championships at Chatrapati Shiva Ji Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune, Mah from 2011-08-23 to 2011-08-28
Programme August 25, 2011(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
120 Welter 66 Kg RED Md. Asif UP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Akash Malik MP
121 Welter 66 Kg RED Rahul Tomar RAJ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Akshay Rawal UTK
122 Welter 66 Kg RED Akhil CS KER  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Sanjeev Tokas DEL
123 Welter 66 Kg RED Nikil Anil Bongali GOA  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Siddharth Bhandari MAH
124 Welter 66 Kg RED Lakhbir Singh PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Syed Abdul Nazzeur TN
125 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Sangram Mane MAH  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Voodi Santosh Kumar AP
126 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Sandeep Singh PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Nishan Singh Gill WB
127 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Neeraj CHD  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Manish Solanki DEL
128 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Deepak Kadian SSCB  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Kamlesh Yadav MP
129 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Seskan V TN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Deepak Sura HAR
130 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Satish Kunwar UTK  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Gautami Karan GUJ
131 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Sandeep ORI  Preliminary Morning
132 Light Middle 70 Kg RED Asvin Goltekar GOA  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Anand Sapam MAN
133 Middle 75 Kg RED Ajay CHD  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Ratham Hemanth Kumar AP
134 Middle 75 Kg RED Vishal Singh PUN  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Gaurav Chauhan MP
135 Middle 75 Kg RED Sohan Ram RAJ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Sandeep Sharma SSCB
136 Middle 75 Kg RED Lalramtana MIZ  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Sukhjeet Singh UTK
137 Middle 75 Kg RED Pratik Naik GOA  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Yashveer Tokas DEL
138 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Deepak SSCB  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Gagan Pawar DEL
139 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Jay Sayena UTK  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Shobht Pratap Singh RAJ
140 Light Heavy 80 Kg RED Jishant Vij UP  Preliminary Morning
BLUE Vivas Gurjar MP
141 Heavy 81+ Kg RED Vishal Sawant MAH  Preliminary Morning
BLUE K.Jagadish AP

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