5th Super Cup Inter-Zonal Men National Boxing Championship at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai at Maharashtra from 2011-03-30 to 2011-04-03
Programme March 31, 2011(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
21 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Yogendra Kumar North Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary 3:20
BLUE Sanjay Kolte IBF
22 Light Fly 49 Kg RED L Devendro Singh SSCB  Preliminary 3:40
BLUE Salman Anwar Shaikh West Zone (Yellow)
23 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Madan Shekhar North East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary 3:55
BLUE Anil Singh Kushwaha Maharashtra
24 Bantam 56 Kg RED Amit Rao East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary 4:10
BLUE Anil Kumar East Zone (Green)
25 Bantam 56 Kg RED Deva Naik West Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Laishram Romesh Singh North East Zone (Yellow)
26 Bantam 56 Kg RED Ajay Kumar Haryana  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Giddi V. Nagarjuna SSCB
27 Bantam 56 Kg RED Dheerendra Kumar Yadav Center Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Deepak Thapa North East Zone (Green)
28 Bantam 56 Kg RED Shiva Thapa IBF  Preliminary 5:10
BLUE Ajit Kumar Center Zone (Yellow)
29 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Vikram Singh West Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Muanpuia IBF
30 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Arun West Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Amit Kumar Center Zone (Green)
31 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Gere Ram North East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Jitender Mann Center Zone (Yellow)
32 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Sandeep Singh SSCB  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Deepak Tanwar North Zone (Yellow)
33 Middle 75 Kg RED Parvinder Singh West Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary 6:30
BLUE Sukhdeep Singh North Zone (Green)
34 Middle 75 Kg RED Sunil Khokhar Center Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Madhu Kumar GK North East Zone (Green)
35 Middle 75 Kg RED Surender Kumar Haryana  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Jasbir Singh North East Zone (Yellow)
36 Middle 75 Kg RED Surender Singh North Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
37 Middle 75 Kg RED Narender Grawal East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Manjeet East Zone (Green)
38 Middle 75 Kg RED Rajesh Punghera Maharashtra  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Harpal Singh SSCB
39 Heavy 91 Kg RED Narender East Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Vikash Center Zone (Yellow)
40 Heavy 91 Kg RED Hari Singh Yadav IBF  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Sandeep Haryana
41 Heavy 91 Kg RED Rambol SSCB  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Deepak Sunar North East Zone (Yellow)
42 Heavy 91 Kg RED Parvinder Singh North Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Kapish Kumar North East Zone (Green)
43 Heavy 91 Kg RED Rohit Redhu East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Javed Mulla Maharashtra

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