5th Super Cup Inter-Zonal Men National Boxing Championship at Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai at Maharashtra from 2011-03-30 to 2011-04-03
Programme March 30, 2011(Preliminary)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
1 Fly 52 Kg RED Vijay Dobale Maharashtra  Preliminary 5:22
BLUE Shadab Chayal West Zone (Green)
2 Fly 52 Kg RED Bhupender Thakur Center Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Mahminathan SSCB
3 Fly 52 Kg RED Vijay Yadav North Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Sagar M. Borgi West Zone (Yellow)
4 Fly 52 Kg RED Amit Haryana  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Rahul Sunar North East Zone (Green)
5 Fly 52 Kg RED Rakesh Malik East Zone (Green)  Preliminary 6:05
BLUE Devender North Zone (Yellow)
6 Light 60 Kg RED Rohit Tokas Center Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Neeraj Goyat IBF
7 Light 60 Kg RED Rajesh Kushwaha West Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary 6:35
BLUE Vijay Kumar Haryana
8 Light 60 Kg RED Amit Roy East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary 6:53
BLUE Bikramjeet Singh North Zone (Yellow)
9 Light 60 Kg RED Vivek Shrivastav East Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Santosh Verma West Zone (Green)
10 Welter 69 Kg RED Lakhbir Singh IBF  Preliminary 6:30
BLUE Somvir North Zone (Yellow)
11 Welter 69 Kg RED Hari Krishan Nayal North East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Pratap Singh Center Zone (Yellow)
12 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Amit Kumar Haryana  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Min Bahadur Thapa North East Zone (Green)
13 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Pawan Kumar North East Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Berinder Singh North Zone (Yellow)
14 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Vikas Singh IBF  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Vikram Singh Chindel West Zone (Yellow)
15 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Vinod Kumar East Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Sarvesh S Samant Maharashtra
16 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Rahul Pasi Center Zone (Yellow)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE G. Satya Raju SSCB
17 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Brijesh Meena Center Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Krishan Kumar West Zone (Green)
18 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Manoj Kumar IBF  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Gurpreet Singh Maharashtra
19 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Jaskaran Singh (Only For Senior) Haryana  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Sumit Rangi North Zone (Yellow)
20 Super Heavy +91 Kg RED Ranga Bahadur Budha North East Zone (Green)  Preliminary Evening
BLUE Gurpreet Singh Center Zone (Yellow)

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