29th Youth Men State Boxing Championship at Jabalpur at Madhya Pradesh from 2011-01-28 to 2011-01-31
Programme January 31, 2011(Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
25 Light Fly 49 Kg RED Gokul Singh Korku GEL  Finals
BLUE Tara Chand TTNS
26 Fly 52 Kg RED Jitendra Dhakariya TTNS  Finals
BLUE Ishu Kaithal STCB
27 Bantam 56 Kg RED Md. Israr Khan JDBA  Finals
BLUE Abhishek Bhatt BSC
28 Light 60 Kg RED Shusheel Singh Sisodiya GEL  Finals
BLUE Basant Thapa BSC
29 Light Welter 64 Kg RED Sudhir Soni STCJ  Finals
BLUE Amit Kumar Gupta JDBA
30 Welter 69 Kg RED STCB  Finals
BLUE Gaurav Pant BSC
31 Middle 75 Kg RED Manish Uikey TTNS  Finals
BLUE Yuvraj Khare DEV
32 Light Heavy 81 Kg RED Naveen Gurung JDBA  Finals
BLUE Rahul Singh STCB
33 Heavy 91 Kg RED Mirza Shadab Beig DEV  Finals
BLUE Rahul Kumar Sen TTNS

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