16th Senior(Elite) Women National Boxing Championshp - 2015 at New Bongaigaon, Guwahati, Assam from 2015-10-27 to 2015-11-01
Programme October 31, 2015(Semi-Finals)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
149 45-48 Kg Light Fly RED Monika HAR  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Rajesh Narwal DND
150 45-48 Kg Light Fly RED Krishna Thapa UTK  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Pooja Tokas DEL
151 48-51 Kg Fly RED Nikhath Zareena TEL  Semi-Finals Morning
152 48-51 Kg Fly RED Neeraj HAR  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Vanlal Duati MIZ
153 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Daljeet Kaur PUN  Semi-Finals Morning
154 51-54 Kg Bantam RED Meenakshi RSPB  Semi-Finals Morning
155 54-57 Kg Feather RED Kamla Bisht AIP  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Shaily Singh Uttar Pradesh
156 54-57 Kg Feather RED Pwilao Basumatary RSPB  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Geeta Solanki DEL
157 57-60 Kg Light RED Priyanka Chaudhary RSPB  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE A. Prashanna Laxmi TRI
158 57-60 Kg Light RED Preeti Beniwal AIP  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Priyanka Thakur PUN
159 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Ankita Gagrta HP  Semi-Finals Morning
160 60-64 Kg Light Welter RED Pavitra RSPB  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Simranjit Kaur PUN
161 64-69 Kg Welter RED SEEMA DEVI AIP  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Alari Boro ASM
162 64-69 Kg Welter RED Neetu Chahal RSPB  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Heena Tokas DEL
163 69-75 Kg Middle RED Pooja HAR  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE renu UP
164 69-75 Kg Middle RED M varalakshmi AP  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Monica Saun RSPB
165 75-81 Kg Heavy RED Saweety Boora HAR  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Nirmala AIP
166 75-81 Kg Heavy RED LAXMI PADIYA JHA  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Bhagyawati Kachari RSPB
167 81+ Kg Super Heavy RED Kavita Goyat HAR  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Arpita Singh UP
168 81+ Kg Super Heavy RED Seema RSPB  Semi-Finals Morning
BLUE Amandeep Kaur PUN

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