24th Junior (Sub-Junior) National Boxing Championship 2008-09 at Paljor Stadium, at Gangtok, Sikkim from 2008-12-05 to 2008-12-11
Programme 10th Dec,2008(Silver)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
241 38 D5 RED Birhang Limboo Sikkim  Silver
BLUE Pradeep Kumar Rabidas Uttarakhand
245 46 D9 RED Babloo Bidhuri Delhi  Silver
BLUE Jagdish Karki Uttarakhand
249 40 C6 RED M. Priya Kumar Tamil Nadu  Silver
BLUE Shadab Ali Uttar Pradesh
253 46 C9 RED A. Bommy Singh Manipur  Silver
BLUE Ajay Singh Haryana
258 52 C12 RED A. Sunil Karnataka  Silver
BLUE Ankur Singh Uttarakhand
264 63 B16 RED Diwan Singh Punjab  Silver
BLUE S. Nabakumar Singh Manipur
268 70 A18 RED V. Naveen Kumar Andhra Pradesh  Silver
BLUE Sachin Sah Jharkhad
272 32 E2 RED Md. Shanin West Bengal  Silver
BLUE Anshu Kumar Uttarakhand
274 36 E4 RED Vishnu S.S.C.B  Silver
BLUE Abhishek Thapa S.S.C.B
276 40 E6 RED Prayag Chauhan Delhi  Silver
BLUE Manoj Kumar Prasad Bengal
279 44 D8 RED Asutosh Thapa S.S.C.B  Silver
BLUE Keshav Kumar Sonwani Chattishgarh
282 44 B8 RED Dhan Bahadur Chettri Meghalaya  Silver
BLUE P. Narendra Kumar Karnataka
284 48 B10 RED Anubhav Kunwar Uttarakhand  Silver
BLUE Manoj Sharma Uttarakhand
287 54 B13 RED Md. Afazal Chattishgarh  Silver
BLUE Rocky Bihar
289 48 A10 RED Ramupsd Kailam Meghalaya  Silver
BLUE Vikas Khatri S.S.C.B.
291 52 A12 RED M. Romajit Singh Manipur  Silver
BLUE Dhan Singh Bhat Uttarakhand
293 57 A14 RED A Sudarshan Chattishgarh  Silver
BLUE K. Narashimha Murthy Karnataka

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