42nd Youth National Boxing Championship at Coimbatore, at Tamil Nadu from 2009-06-02 to 2009-06-07
Programme 05th Jun,2009(Pre-2)
Bout No Weight Category Corner Name Team Code Bout Type Bout Time
115 48 RED Mayur Paigude Maharashtra  Pre-2
BLUE Arun Kr. Limbu Arunachal Pradesh
119 51 RED Avinash Verma Gujarat  Pre-2
BLUE Gurvinder Singh Rajasthan
121 54 RED Sandeep Tappo SPSB  Pre-2
BLUE Kivika Suw Nagaland
126 57 RED Mishal Banjamin Lakra Jharkhand  Pre-2
BLUE Arvinder Singh Himachal Pradesh
129 60 RED Karamvir Singh Chandigarh  Pre-2
BLUE Sagar Chhikara Delhi
135 64 RED Santosh Himachal Pradesh  Pre-2
BLUE Brijesh Meena Uttar Pradesh
143 75 RED Siddharth Tokas Delhi  Pre-2

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