4th Junior Women National Boxing Championship 2009 at Monual Haq Stadium Rajendra Nagar, Patna,
Result for 10th Nov,2009(Gold).

D5-38  Red Susmi Gorh  Assam  20  Red  W.P 
    Blue Jyoti Thakur  Delhi     

Reg No 7077 
Boxer Name Susmi Gorh
Father Name Babul Gorh 
Date of Birth 01/09/1996 
Unit Assam 
Reg No 8027   
Boxer Name Jyoti Thakur
Father Name Kamlesh Kumar 
Date of Birth 1994-07-10 
Unit Delhi 
Boxer Name First Round Second Round Third Round Fouth Round Result Winner Decision Round Indivisual Scoring
Susmi Gorh (Red Corner) 4 11 5 20 Red W.P
Jyoti Thakur(Blue Corner) 0
   Referee:       Judge1:       Judge2:   
   Judge3:       Judge4:       Judge5:   

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