IBF Registered Boxer's Details
Personal Details
Reg No 12480 
Boxer Name Gradhi Bhargavi Poornima 
Father's Name Gradhi Satyanarayana  
Mother's Name Gradhi Raja Rajeswari Devi 
Address D.No.-4-46, Grandhi street Nagullanka, P.Gannavaram 
  Andhra Pradesh 
Reg Date 2011-09-23
Medical Age Range 16 As On 2011-09-04  
DOB 1995-06-15  
Blood Group O+  
State / Unit Andhra Pradesh  
Phone No Contact IBF  
Other Details
District / State / Inter-Department / Zonel / InterZonel / Federation Cup/ All India / National & International Boxing Record
S.No. Championships Name Venue Date Bouts State Medal
1 6th Junior Women National Boxing Championships Patiala, Punjab 2011-09-24
 Andhra Pradesh

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